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In 1996 my growing fascination with computers in general, and the Internet specifically, inspired me to pursue a new career.  As electronic commerce began rapidly reshaping our economy, I wanted to join the ranks of the Internet while it was still in its early stages.  I attended an iMALL workshop in December of that same year and became an independent iMALL Consultant.  With iMALL’s advanced technology offering an edge in the growing marketplace, Bonnie & Clyde Marketing, Inc. was born... a home based Internet Marketing and Consulting business with its primary focus on iMALL. 

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I served as iMALL Regional Manager for 8 Southeastern states for one year, and as iMALL National Consultants Sales Manager for the Eastern states for a year and a half.

As National Consultants Sales Manager my role was re-education and support for iMALL's sales consultants. The focus was to assist those who were truly interested in working and growing a consulting business selling iMALL products, and to provide a direct liaison between consultants and iMALL Corporate.

iMALL has since been bought by excite@home and the consultant program no longer exists.  I still maintain contact with many of my former associates, exchanging ideas and new information.

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In addition to consulting, I have now become an active seller on eBay under the name of "AllStarClothing."  I invite you to view my auctions and visit my page often, as we contstantly list new items.  This experience has now launched an exciting retail venture for me, in addition to my other consulting projects.  I can also assist you in starting an ebay business of your own.  For references, please view my feedback profile.

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As an Internet Consultant I am able to provide some of the most sought after services in the world today.  We (Internet Consultants) are responsible to educate our clients, help them to develop effective Internet marketing and advertising strategies, and assist in building effective websites..

My goal is to help you grow your business.  Whether you are a prospective website client, or just someone interested in "making it on the Net" I am available to work with you.  Today's swiftly changing world brings more and more people onto the Internet hoping to make their way. 

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You may have noticed that I refer to this page as "About US."  Working on the Internet has taught me the value of sharing information.  It has been a truly rewarding to experience a "give and take" with other online marketers while exchanging ideas, successes and failures.  Today Bonnie & Clyde has diversified into a marketing "group" of programs.

If you will provide me with some basic information geared toward my understanding your focus, your goals and your background,  I will be happy to consult with you.  Whatever your vision,  I look forward to helping you turn it into a reality!! 

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bullet4.gif (107 bytes) Experienced online auction seller on eBay as "AllStarClothing." 
bullet4.gif (107 bytes) 4 Years Internet Experience in Web Design, Sales and Consulting,
   Network Marketing

bullet4.gif (107 bytes) iMALL National Consultants Sales Manager

bullet4.gif (107 bytes) iMALL Regional Manager

bullet4.gif (107 bytes) Designer / Merchandiser / Manufacturer of childrenswear apparel

bullet4.gif (107 bytes) Purchasing Agent / Production Manager

bullet4.gif (107 bytes) National Sales Manager for Manufacturers Representative

bullet4.gif (107 bytes) Trade Show Coordinator


bullet4.gif (107 bytes) Michigan State University - Bachelor of Arts, Education

bullet4.gif (107 bytes) New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

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Please feel free to get in touch with me, and...Have a GREAT Day!!

Bonnie Arbesfeld / President



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     3500 Galt Ocean Drive #2917

     Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

     954-565-0531 Phone

     508-462-2425 Fax

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